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Keeping Seniors Safe During Winter

As winter and the holidays approach you think of beautiful snow, cuddling by a fire, and sipping hot chocolate. However, with all the celebration comes great danger with winter weather. Most of our BCSSI friends live in senior facilities.  Others are still at home. How do you keep you or your aging loved one safe from the weather?

Avoid Extreme Cold.  A walk can be invigorating and healthy but if the temperature is dropping, consider walking indoors in the facility or at a mall, a store or the YMCA.  As you age you are more sensitive to cold weather and hypothermia.

Keep Walkways Clear.  Keeping walks clear is a chore but no one wants their seniors to fall.  Contact BCSSI if they need snow removal.

Make Sure Heat is Working Properly. Avoiding carbon monoxide poisoning means making sure furnaces are operating properly.  Encourage them to have their furnace checked by a professional.  If they are using a space heater, make sure it is not a hazard.

Watch Out for Clutter.  To prevent falls, make sure ‘stuff’ and electrical cords are not cluttering the walkways

Keep Seniors Busy to Avoid Winter Blues. When winter sets in, seniors tend to stay home and leave exercise and socialization behind. Help your senior socialize and participate in physical activity in order to stay healthy and not get depressed and lonely. Involve them in activities that get them out among friends and family. Puzzles, books, movies also help beat winter blues.  

 ~Judy Brower, Director of Volunteers

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